We bring decades of superior academic and industry experience in the fields of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Our team of experts has built and deployed solutions all across the world for a multitude of industries serving millions of people.

    • Autonomous Cars
    • Retails Solutions
    • Object Detection
    • Image Classification
    • Scene Segmentation
    • Face Detection
    • Face Recognition
    • Style Transfer
    • Alternate Credit Scoring
    • Financial signal generation
    • Automated Trading
    • Autonomous Agents in Incentive Simulations
    • Personalization of Marketing Funnels for Financial products
    • Outcome prediction
    • Injury prediction
    • Churn prediction
    • Linking friends recommendation
    • User lifetime value prediction
    • Retail products recommendation system
    • Movie recommendation system
    • Financial products recommendation system
    • Chatbots
    • Text Summarization
    • Sentiment Analysis

    We can help your company get ROI from Data and join the 4th industrial revolution.



    Design your company's AI and data strategy, products and services.


    Build and deploy modern, end-to-end, scalable, bespoke AI systems.


    Analyze and explore your data and provide insights


    Optimize your existing solutions, to be faster and scalable